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The Grand Palais, this beautiful museum near the Champs-Élysées in Paris, should be on your list to visit. Find out why!

The Grand Palais is a huge site used for historic exhibition and museum. It has a 72,000 m2 gross floor space. 13,500m2 floor area in the Nave that has the largest glass roof in the whole of Europe. 6000 tons of steel was used in the construction of the Nave, and it was constructed with 200,000 tons of stone. It located in Champs – Élysées which is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris in France.

The construction of the Gand Palais

The construction of Grand Palais is recorded to have started in 1897. It was completed in 1900 after the demolition Palais de I’Industrie. During the world war two, this wonderful structure was turned into a military hospital. Then, the artist who were not sent to the front helped the sick and injured. This magnificent edifice was architecturally designed by four architects; Henri Deglane, Albert Louvet, Albert Thomas and Charles Girault. Each of them had their different functions.

What is there to see

Inside the Grand palais

The immense space of Grand Palais can house a lot of exhibitions and works of from great artist. It also houses a lot of the countries galleries. It is one of the prestigious venues for art exhibitions in France.

The Grand Palais exhibits works from renowned artist whether they are contemporary or classic arts. The works of renowned cartoonist Georges Remi known as Hergé has exhibited on this grand stage. His works are still exhibiting and he would be on the ground at this year’s art exhibition held at the prestigious Grand Palais. The Belgian artist is considered to be the founding father of the modern comic strip. Also, the work of the author of 250 million albums translated in about a hundred languages would also be on the grand stage.

Planning a visit at the grand Palais

On the average, about 40 events are staged at the Grand Palais annually and about 2 million people visit the Grand Palais for events yearly. It is advisable to book for the events on time, because most times Palais is usually fully booked before the scheduled date for exhibitions. To gain access to the Grand Palais you have to book and entry usually starts from 10am to 1pm. Then entry without reservation starts from 1pm onwards. Children under the age of sixteen are allowed into the exhibition Center for free. The closing time for Wednesday's exhibitions is usually about 10pm. Those who have visited this wonderful art exhibition center have not ceased to share their experience.

Everything about the Grand Palais is exceptional. It's uniquely designed to give visitors a lovely experience.

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Grand palais
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