Centre Georges Pompidou
4th arrondissement

Centre Georges Pompidou

You can't miss this famous museum when visiting the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Centre Georges Pompidou is a complex building with a stylish design.

Located in the Beaubourg area of the 4th arrondissement of Pari, close to Les Halles, rue Montorgueil. The high-tech architecture created by the architect's team; Renzo Paino and Richard Rogers, alongside Gianfranco Franchini. Also known as the Pompidou Centre in English. Centre Georges Pompidou is a great building that accommodates a large public library called the Bibliotheque publique d’information (Public Information Library). Its Europe’s largest museum of modern art known as the Musee National d’Art Moderne. Plus its a center reserved for music and acoustic research known as the Institut de Recherche et Coordination/Musique, IRCAM (in English, Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic/Music).

History of the centre Pompidou

Museum Design Georges Pompidou

The Centre is named after the President of France from 1969 to 1974. Mr. Georges Pompidou, who also doubles as the commissioner of the building. The building officially opened on the 31st of January, 1977, by Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the president of France at the time. Locally known as Beaubourg because of its location, the Centre Pompidou had over 180 million visitors between 1977 and 2006. In 2013, it had above 5,209,608, which included 3,746,899, who were for the museum.

Museum art collection

Centre Georges Pompidou houses many types of art collection and exhibition. Due to its over 10,000 artworks, it has become one of the leading references for arts globally.

Its recent acquisitions and historical collections include:

  • Drawing
  • Visual arts
  • Experimental film
  • Architecture
  • New media
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Industrial prospects.

The iconic artists display at the center include:

  • Sonia et Robert Delaunay
  • Andre Breton
  • Henri Matisse
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Georges Rouault
  • Vassily Kandinsky
  • Georges Braque
  • Frantisek Kupka
  • Alberto Giacometti
  • Jean Dubuffet
  • Fernand Leger.

There are also founding modern art movements like:

  • Fauvism
  • Surrealism
  • Cubism
  • Geometric abstraction
  • Lyric Abstraction.

There are also a collection of more than 7,000 artworks (sculptures, paintings, and art objects). These works made by 1535 artists who were born before the year 1920. Along with 800 anonymous works in the field of tribal arts. There is an exhibition of these works on the fifth floor.

The modern collection of artworks made several leading figures in the work of modern art like:

  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Frantisek Kupka
  • Henri Laurens
  • Juan Gris
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • Georges Braque
  • Raoul Dufy
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Jean Arp
  • Constantin Brancusi
  • Sonia Dalaunay
  • Henri Matisse.

There are several other collections of artworks at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

These collections include:

  • The Contemporary Collection
  • The Collection of Contemporary and Progressive Creation
  • The Photography Collection
  • The Design Collection
  • The Cinema Collection
  • The New Media Collection
  • The Graphic Art collection.

Each of these collections has artworks made by some famous artists.

A visit at the museum

The Centre Georges Pompidou is open every day from 11am to 10pm, except on Thursday when it is open until 11pm. Exhibition areas are usually closed by 9pm, and ticket offices are usually shut one hour before the closing time. The Public Information Library is usually open from Monday to Friday between 12pm and 10pm, except Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays when it is usually open between 11am and 10pm. The Atelier Brancusi is usually open every day from 2pm to 6pm.

Admission to the museum, the Galerie des enfants, and the View of Paris is usually free for everyone on the first Sunday of every month. On other days, the “museum and exhibition” ticket price is usually at the reduced price of €11 and the full price of €14. The View of Paris ticket price is usually €3 and doesn’t grant admission to the exhibitions or museum. The “Show and Concert” ticket price ranges from €10 to €18 according to show. The “Cinema” ticket is usually between the reduced prices of €4 to the full price of €6. There are conditions for both the reduced prices and free admission. Also, there is the “Paris Museum Pass” which is valid for sixty monuments and museums in Paris and the area of Ile-de-France, and also includes the Centre Pompidou Museum. The price for this pass is €42 for two days, €56 for four days, and €69 for six days.

The Centre Georges Pompidou is a great place to visit!

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