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Traveling in Bourse, the 2nd Arrondissement, will get you to different art museums and galleries, exhibiting the artwork of the most talented artists.

Top art galleries in district 2nd - Bourse

Paviot Françoise
Paviot Françoise
57, Sainte-Anne Street
75002 Paris

Art galleries you must visit in Paris arrondissement 2nd - Bourse

Des Petits Carreaux
43, des Petits Carreaux Street
75002 Paris
La Lila
2, Saint Sauveur Street
75002 Paris
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About 2nd - Bourse

The 2nd Arrondissement is near to the first, and is also the smallest of all of the districts.

It has a lot to see in terms of historical architecture, and it contains a few museums, such as the Théâtre-Musée des Capucines, which is a museum that focuses on perfumes. The admission is free and the content is unlike anything you will find in the world. Besides all this, there is also some nice shopping to be had in this district.

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