Espace Dalí
18th arrondissement

Espace Dalí

The Espace Dali, in Paris, is dedicated to surreal master, Salvador Dali. The museum exhibits the sculptures and engravings of the famous artist.

The museum dedicated to Dali's work located at 11, rue Poulbot, 18e Paris and is approximately 100 feet from Place du Tertre. Entrance fees range from 5 euros for disabled citizens to 11.50 euros for adults. There's discounted prices for children, the elderly and other disadvantaged people. Hours of operation are from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. Although summer hours provide a later closing at 8:00PM.

Dali artworks exhibition

While the museum primarily houses Dali’s engravings and sculptures, some of his paintings are also displayed. Displays are arranged in a progression that follows Dali’s life story. This provides an inspirational journey and relates his life to the tapestry of existence.

This is the only permanent exhibit, in all France, of Dali’s surrealistic work. The gallery includes 300 original Dali works. Including an entire room of Dali designed furniture including his Mae West Lips Sofa.

The Dali sculpture collection includes:

  • 9 museum-sized sculptures
  • 15 grand sculptures
  • 10 jeweled sculptures

It is the largest collection of Dali sculptures of this type.

Espace Dalí in Paris

The exhibit has been shared with museums around the world and is the most well-known Dali exhibit. Amazingly, you can actually purchase authentic Dali sculptures in the museum gift shop. All pieces are sold with certificates of authenticity.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy a guided, hour-long tour. In which visitors are treated to the inspiration that guided many of Dali’s works. A children’s program is also offered. This programme which provides delightful activities to the child imagination within a museum context.

Dali publications, including “Declaration of Independence of the Imagination and the Rights of Man to His Own Madness”, inspire other artists and the Espace Dali hosts many other exhibits throughout the year that share in this cherished artistic autonomy of damning censorship. Many of the exhibiting artists use their talent to expand upon Dali’s work. They work in an attempt to help the observer experience Dali’s thinking and inspiration. Other exhibits include actual photographs of Dali.

The museum

While this is one of the smaller museums and rather off the beaten path of things to do and see in Paris, it is also one of the more intimate. A rather small, basement, museum, not well traveled, allows the explorer the opportunity to take a breath and really enjoy the unique life view Dali provides. You can feel his passion and ambiance as you take in each piece. You can get to know and understand his disobedience and how this resurrected into the beauty and timelessness of his work. You can see the societal influences in each piece of work. This will help you understand how Dali viewed society.

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Espace Dalí
11 Poulbot street
75018 Paris, France
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