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Orangerie Museum

The Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris is a real delight for those who visit this fine museum for the first time. Discover why!

This high quality and truly fascinating museum are loved by many who enjoy returning to the museum several times as there is so much to see. The scale of the museum is terrifically pleasing as it is well spaced out regarding the work that is displayed. The works are not too crowded, making each one stand out more stately and beautifully as each one should.


Famous artwork Orangerie Museum

Among the beautiful art here, you will note many masterpieces. Specially by the famous and talented impressionist artist Claude Monet. His painting, Water Lilies was composed at Giverny in the very own garden of the artist. Then it was given as a generous and kind donation to the French state.

Monet made the factual stipulation that these monumental paintings in the form of panels were to be put on display exactly as visitors see them today when they visit the Musee de l Orangerie. Which means that they are publicly displayed in twin oval rooms. Those room forms a wonderful environment for visitors to explore at their leisure.

There was a specially constructed subterranean part for the Musee de l Orangerie. This is where the amazing and captivating collection of works of the post-impressionist type which are the collection of Walter-Guillaume are on display. Here you will be able to see the portrayal of the fedora-topped collector Paul Guillaume by Modigliani. He thought of Paul Guillaume as the new helmsman of modern art.

Construction of the museum

It was way back in the year of 1852 that the Musee de l Orangerie was constructed by Firmin Bourgeon, an architect. Then it was finished by Ludovico Visconti, who succeeded him. But it was not then called the Musee de l Orangerie. It was simply the Orangerie, because it was a place used to store oranges.

It had even been used later as an examination room, to store stuff and to house soldiers. It also served for sporting events and other types of events. By the year of 1921, those in charge of the administration of the Beaux-Arts decided that the Orangerie would become the Musee de l Orangerie to house fine art.

If you are traveling to France from another country for a vacation, then the Musee de l Orangerie certainly is an interesting museum to visit during your time spent in France. It will be a breathtaking and invigorating experience.

This museum is located conveniently in the heart of central Paris in the midst of the Tuileries Gardens. It is close to many other amenities such as shops and restaurants. And the price of admission to the museum is very reasonable at only 9 euros.

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